Vaccum Forming

Vacuum Forming Packaging

This is a type of forming which is used for providing packing solutions to various industries that require small or large quantities. These trays are used in food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, fisheries, blisters, 3 D pop up posters, & clamshell. Vacuum forming gives the customer complete flexibility in terms of product, design, size & quantity.

Vacuum Forming Process

Vacuum forming is a process of converting Plastic film into articles of different shapes with the process of vacuum. In this process any plastic film ie.( PVC, PET, P.P, HIPS, HIPGP ect) is heated to the desired temperature and the material is converted into a semi molten form it is then exposed to the die where the material takes the shape of the mould with help of vacuum & chilling process. These formed articles are then cut into the the desired shape and the excess is scrapred off.

Vacuum Forming Facilities

We have dedicated 3 Extrusion Machines , 5 Automatic Vacuum Forming Machines, 2 Automatic Pressure Forming Machines, 2 Automatic Thermo forming Machines, 3 Semi-Automatic Vacuum Forming Machines, specifically to cater to the needs of our large client base which keeps increasing as this is accepted for packaging the world over. We also provide innovative packaging designs to our clients for there domestic & export needs.

Vacuum Forming Mould Design

Here at USK Balaji plast Pvt. Ltd., we have longstanding experience of designing plastic parts for the vacuum forming process

We believe that innovation is a vital ingredient in achieving customer satisfaction, and that design innovation sets us apart from our competitors.