About Us

Thermoformed & Vacuum formed packaging manufacturer with a built in capacity to produce 1.5 Million trays per day.

USK Balaji Plast Pvt. Ltd. is one of the nation's leading thermoformed and custom fabricated packaging materials resources in the consumer packaged, food and medical Industry. We are manufacturer and supplier of vacuum formed packaging products and thermoformed packaging products.

The shop floor used for forming different materials using thermoforming, pressure forming & vacuum forming as a process is the latest in terms of technology giving highest consideration to cleanliness’, traceability, coding & GMP. The shop floor is completely jacketed & ducted giving an ambient temperature for the workers and also keeps the finished product intact. All filters ensure the atmosphere is as per pharmaceutical standards, we have sealed the whole shop floor ensuring no foreign particles are found in any finished product.

We have dedicated 6 Automatic Vacuum Forming Machine, 1 Automatic Pressure Forming Machine, 1 Automatic Thermoforming Machine, 4 Hydraulic Twin Station Press, specifically to cater to the needs of our large client base which keeps increasing as this is accepted for packaging the world over. We also provide innovative packaging designs to our clients for there domestic & export needs.

Here to Help

Our dedicated sales team have great experience advising customers on the best solution to their packaging needs from original design concept through to 3D visualisation and prototyping to the finished pack.

Tel: 0123 456 7890 | Fax: 0123 456 7890

We believe that innovation is a vital ingredient in achieving customer satisfaction, and that design innovation sets us apart from our competitors.