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Frozen Food Packaging

Frozen Food Packaging

We at USK Balaji Plast Pvt. Ltd. specialise in the manufacturing of food grade packing materials that can withstand upto -40°c. These trays are made of materials using special additives which makes the product Very tough thus enhancing the durability of the items kept inside in extreme conditions. These trays are a lifeline in the Frozen Food market as the products have to pass through various channels at freezing temperatures. These trays are a great substitute to the otherwise cumbersome packing that was traditionally used. They also give the product great asthetic value.

Fish Packaging

Value added sea food is now packed in trays made of such materials. The seafood along with its glaze is frozen directly in such trays and then placed in master cartons ready for shipment. These trays have become a must in the export segment thus finding greater shelf space in departmental stores abroad. These trays come in various shapes and sizes and can be custom made as per customer specification. We also provide an option of opaque or transparent trays as per the customer’s requirement.

Meat & Poultry Packaging

Meat and poultry products that need to be refrigerated or stored at -0°c are also some of the areas where such trays are used. These trays serve the purpose of attractive window displays and also add to the hygiene value of the product. This kind of packing gives a perception of quality and thus ensuring a better price for these meat products. This concept is widely used by our clients in the Asian and European markets. The demand for this kind of packing has started growing in the Indian market as well.

Tray A: ID 255 mm X 160 mm X 45 mm. Tray B : ID 245 mm X 147 mm X 38 mm. Option 2 : ID 245 mm X 147 mm X 33 mm. Tray C : ID 210 mm X 118 mm X 25 mm.
Tray D:ID 205 mm X 120 mm X 22 mm. Tray E:ID 272 mm X 175 mm X 50 mm. Tray F : ID 337 mm X 180 mm X 50 mm.
Tray G:ID 185 mm X 135 mm X 37 mm. Tray H:ID 205 mm X 146 mm X 55 mm.