Cold Seal Blister

Cold seal blister packaging is a pressure sensitive packing using a blister card and a transparent blister. This blister is trapped in between two pieces of board which gets bonded under pressure without the use of heat.

Only pressure is required to make a perfect board to board bond. We can also use materials such as Mearl Holographic & other laminated boards for sealing solutions.

Cold seal is used for packing by different industries which include : agriculture products , food & pharma packing, electronic spare parts, stationary, automotive parts, domestic appliances, batteries, promotional packs, greeting cards, to name a few.


This kind of packing is being largely used in the Gold, Diamond & gems trade in a big way where the product has to be seen but also needs to be tamper proof with an certificate with specific numbers.

Green blister (seal blister between cards) This is an interesting new development. The blister is placed between two pieces of cardboard sealed together. Both two single blisters and a folding blister can be used.

Sliding blisterThis form of blister pack can be reclosed after opening. The edges of the blister are folded on two, three of four sides. The blister card is inserted under the folded blister edges.

Warp-around blister Warp-around blister are perfect for packaging fragile products. The blister has hinged parts which are wrapped around the contents. In this way the blister fully encloses the product for the best possible protection. Warp – around blisters can be closed without special equipment.

HF welded blistersThe two blister halves are joined by high- frequency welding. The resulting joint can only be broken with a knife or scissors. Hence, HF welded blister are perfect for heavy products. An HF generator is required for closing these blisters.

Insert blisters and box interiors Thermoforming can be used to produce attractive box inserts and interiors. The insert can be tailored to the shape of the product to be packed. This ensures a perfect presentation and protection of the product. These inserts can be made from flock film for a velvet-like appearance.

Standard blisters USK produces not only custom blister but also standard blister. The moulds for this type of packaging are available off the shelf. As a result the start-up costs are low the delivery times short. The wide range of designs and sizes means that suitable moulds are available for many different products.


We believe that innovation is a vital ingredient in achieving customer satisfaction, and that design innovation sets us apart from our competitors.