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Clamshell Packaging

This is one type of packing that USK Balaji specializes in. This is the packing used in the export markets extensively. We havea huge base of ready to use designs and sizes available with us which will be given to you on demand. This is a packing which can stand alone without any support as a display or selling unit on the counter, we can also hang it with a notch on the top of the blister. This packing does not require any other machine operations of sealing or pouching to complete its packing thus this is the packing of the future and a more reliable concept in the future. This kind of packing requires good tooling and precision machines to give the right hinge formation and tight locking which is not available in India for now, but our imported machine can give the perfect clamshell with zero defects.

Clamshells tray packagings are available in different sizes please contact us for your requirements directly.